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Welcome to Innovative Hygiene Supplies

IHS are the sole suppliers of the exclusive BioShield range of innovative and specialist cleaning and disinfecting solutions of the highest quality to both the cleaning industry and consumers.

BioShield products are guaranteed to satisfy all users because they have been researched and developed to address long term on-going issues within today’s cleaning and hygiene industry.

BioShield Defence Solutions (BDS) represents the cutting edge of cleaning product innovation – a range of high-performance, environmentally-safe treatments and agents to help you or your organisation accomplish the very highest standards of cleanliness, presentation, hygiene and safety.

Developed from more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise within the cleaning and hygiene industry, BioShield products have been specially formulated to tackle the problem areas that most general and even specialist cleaning products simply can’t manage.

“How many times have you entered toilets or washrooms where the
overpowering smell of urine and other unpleasant odours dominate
the air that we breathe..?”

Unlike many other cleaning solutions which only temporarily mask odours, BioShield’s Micro-Clean range will completely eliminate bad smells by effectively targeting the actual source of the problem.


To find out more about the BDS range, call us on
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